Standings: Verstappen is catching Bottas, 'best of the rest' fight super exciting

29-11-2020 21:03
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Standings: Verstappen is catching Bottas, 'best of the rest' fight super exciting

Although the battle at the top has been won in both championships, it actually gets more and more exciting behind in the final phase of the season. This applies to both the drivers 'and constructors' championships.

With the drivers there are two more fights that are worthwhile. Due to Bottas' poor result in Bahrain, Max Verstappen has come close to the Finn again. The difference is now only twelve points.

Ricciardo and McLaren take advantage of Perez's bad luck

Behind it, no fewer than six drivers compete for the title "best of the rest". Ricciardo is currently fourth with 102 points, but even Alexander Albon has a realistic chance to take over that position in ninth place with 85 points.

The manufacturers are still fighting for third place. The blown up Mercedes engine at Sergio Perez could cost Racing Point dear. This means that fifteen points are lost and McLaren now have a seventeen point lead.


  Driver Points
1. Lewis Hamilton 332
2. Valtteri Bottas 201
3. Max Verstappen 189
4. Daniel Ricciardo 102
5. Sergio Perez 100
6. Charles Leclerc 98
7. Lando Norris 86
8. Carlos Sainz 85
9. Alexander Albon 85
10. Pierre Gasly 71
11. Lance Stroll 59
12. Esteban Ocon 42
13. Sebastian Vettel 33
14. Danill Kvyat 26
15. Nico Hulkenberg 10
16. Kimi Raikkonen 4
17. Antonio Giovinazzi 4
18. Romain Grosjean 2
19. Kevin Magnussen 1
20. Nicholas Latifi 0
21. George Russell 0

Constructors' Championship

  Teams Points
1. Mercedes 533
2. Red Bull Racing 274
3. McLaren 171
4. Racing Point 154
5. Renault 144
6. Ferrari 131
7. AlphaTauri 97
8. Alfa Romeo 8
9. Haas 3
10. Williams 0

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