Albers supports Marko's statement: ''Verstappen still has a chance on the title''

08-09-2020 08:23
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Albers supports Marko's statement: ''Verstappen still has a chance on the title''

Red Bull Racing was severely disappointed during the Italian Grand Prix. The moment to hurt Mercedes was there at Monza, but Red Bull did not give up. Max Verstappen dropped out and Alexander Albon dangled at the back of the grid.

''Their car just has too much drag. They lack speed on the straight, you could tell the difference with AlphaTauri's car which was able to keep up on the straight and in terms of lap time. However, If the race went normally he would just be third or fourth'', says Christijan Albers at the De Telegraaf podcast.

Albers still believes in title opportunity Verstappen

Prior to the weekend, Helmut Marko announced that Red Bull will be able to compete for pole after the ban on qualifying mode. Albers understands those statements, but does not agree with Christian Horner's statement that Adrian Newey felt not motivated in recent seasons.

''It's a stupid statement to make.'' On the other hand, Albers does not want to go along with the criticism of Marko. ''He gets third every weekend and had won on every other circuit where this had happened. Max is still competing for the title. It could turn around like this, because bad luck is in a very small corner, we have seen that this weekend. You don't always have to have the best car for a world title'', concludes Albers.

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