Standings constructors championship: Mercedes running away with it

28-09-2020 11:55 | Updated: 28-09-2020 13:00
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Standings constructors championship: Mercedes running away with it

The Russian Grand Prix has not changed the constructors' battle for the World Championship. All ten teams remain in the same position, but Racing Point and Renault have closed the gap to McLaren.

McLaren pointless

The early retirement of Carlos Sainz and a disappointing 15th place for Lando Norris caused McLaren to leave Sochi with zero points. Both Renault (16 points) and Racing Point (12 points) had significantly better weekends, allowing them to close the gap between them and McLaren. This promises to be an exciting battle for third place in the championship.

Mercedes continue to drive clear

As exciting as it is in the battle for third place, the race for the Constructors' Championship is a one-horse race. With 41 points in Russia, Mercedes are once again well ahead of Red Bull Racing. With a difference of 174 points, the chance of the title being competitive is wishful thinking.

Intermediate F1 constructors' championship after Russia's GP in Sochi

1. Mercedes | 366 points
2. Red Bull Racing | 192 points
3. McLaren | 106 points
4. Racing Point | 104 points
5. Renault | 99 points
6. Ferrari | 74 points
7. AlphaTauri | 59 points
8. Alfa Romeo Racing | 4 points
9. Hare F1 | 1 point
10. Williams | 0 points

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