Van der Garde: "Those are drivers who can handle Verstappen"

15-09-2020 19:57
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Van der Garde: Those are drivers who can handle Verstappen

Pierre Gasly drove for Red Bull Racing in 2019, but his disappointing performance caused a relegation to Toro Rosso. Alexander Albon came over from that team and the lineup of drivers hasn't changed since then. However, Gasly now has two podiums, one of which is first place at Monza. It's clear that the Frenchman has grown, but bringing him back to Red Bull Racing is not a good idea.

Gasly must stay at AlphaTauri

"He is someone who needs trust and besides Max he will not find that trust easily because Max is really very good. He needs to stay where he is right now, that's where he is and he has a lot of confidence", says Giedo van der Garde in conversation with "I think he should just stay where he is and keep doing his thing there."

This is also about 2021, of which it is still unclear who will be with the Red Bull teams where, apart from Max Verstappen. The victory over Monza has boosted Gasly's self-confidence, but that's not enough to force a return. Red Bull also indicated that the choice will not be made in the short term.

Albon next to Verstappen in 2021?

"I think he took it at the right time", says the former F1 driver about Alexander Albon who finished third at Mugello. "He was under pressure within the team and I hope this is a boost for him that will help him in the rest of the season. I think he has good racing skills."

But can Albon stay where he is now? That remains a difficult question to answer for the time being. Van der Garde says: "It is going in the right direction and hopefully he will continue. But if he doesn't, the team will start looking around them, even outside their program."

"That's Perez or Hulkenberg and those are drivers who can handle Max, have the experience and grab the points. Why not consider them," Van der Garde wonders.

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