Qualifying duels Mugello: Verstappen and Russell maintain undefeated status

12-09-2020 20:49 | Updated: 12-09-2020 22:22
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Qualifying duels Mugello: Verstappen and Russell maintain undefeated status

The qualifying for the Grand Prix of Tuscany was one to be remembered. On the beautifully undulating circuit of Mugello the speed of today's F1 cars became really visible. Just like Suzuka, for example, this is a circuit where the driver can distinguish himself in an ultimate lap. Let's take a look at how did the teammates got on in relation to each other.

Team leaders live up to their name

Actually, you can say that in every team, the team leader showed what they can do, in most cases producing what is expected of them. Max Verstappen and George Russell are the only drivers to do this for the ninth time in a row this season and remain unbeaten.

The only team where the proportions were different than you would expect is AlphaTauri. A mistake in the super fast turn 7 made Pierre Gasly slow and therefore he did not qualify for Q2. Kvyat made exactly the same mistake in the following session, but he did outqualify his teammate this weekend.

Standings Qualifying duels

Team Drivers Score
Mercedes Hamilton - Bottas  7 - 2
Ferrari Leclerc - Vettel 7 - 2
Red Bull Racing Verstappen - Albon 9 - 0
McLaren Sainz - Norris 5 - 4
Renault Ricciardo - Ocon 8 - 1
AlphaTauri Gasly - Kvyat 7 - 2
Racing Point Perez - Stroll 5 - 2
Alfa Romeo Raikkonen - Giovinazzi 5 - 4
Haas Magnussen - Grosjean  4 - 4
Williams Russell - Latifi 9 - 0

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