Stroll forfeits chance of victory: ''He drove like a rogue fire hose''

07-09-2020 09:42 | Updated: 07-09-2020 10:55
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Stroll forfeits chance of victory: ''He drove like a rogue fire hose''

The Italian Grand Prix was one to forget for Max Verstappen, but Jan Lammers did enjoy the performances of Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly. For Lance Stroll, Lammers has less good words.

''As he said himself, he just had a rotten start and that's why he lost the connection to the top. The whole group Max was in was just locked up. Albon did really badly, I thought because he stuck his nose in everything at the wrong time'', says Jan Lammers in the broadcast of NOS Studio Sport.

Stroll is a loose fire hose

After the red flag, Lance Stroll seemed to be the man to beat. The Canadian started behind Lewis Hamilton, but wasted all his chances in the first lap. ''Then you just see that he lacks the craftsmanship because he has to be able to win that race. But he's driving that first lap like a loose fire hose. He had a bad start, lets himself pass, goes straight to that chicane and then comes back on the track far too wild,'' says Lammers.

The former Formula 1 driver was very pleased with the performance of the McLaren drivers. ''It's good for Pierre Gasly to win, but the only thing that's fair is that Sainz comes second. He probably would have been second in the normal race, but Norris and he really did get the good result'', concludes Lammers.

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