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Young drivers are on the rise in Formula 1 and 21-year-old Lance Stroll is part of that new generation of racers. After two seasons with ailing Williams, Stroll has had the opportunity to join Lawrence Stroll, his father’s team, at Racing Point, with varying degrees of success.

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Fast paced through the ranks

Lance's successes in karting put him directly on the map for big teams in the king's class. Ferrari had included him in its junior programme (Ferrari Driver Academy) and the Canadian took part in two higher series in 2015: Formula 3 and the Toyota Racing Series. The Toyota Racing Series was won by Stroll but the first year in Formula 3 was disappointing with only P5.

Nevertheless, Lance Stroll remains loyal to the Prema team, with whom the Canadian also managed to win the Italian Formula 4 championship in 2014. In 2016 Stroll got a second chance and won the title in Formula 3! But at a high price: prior to that season, the Canadian driver announced that he will switch from being a development driver at Ferrari, to the Williams team. All ties with the team from Maranello are broken, but his debut in Formula 1 came very quickly.

Williams era

After the 2016 season in Formula 3 the time had come. Paddy Lowe of Williams announced the then still very young Stroll as a driver for the F1 team. Felipe Massa will stay another year to teach the Canadian a thing or two, but Stroll will have to show his best straight away. One bright spot is the podium finish in Baku during the season. Stroll will be the only driver in 2015, alongside the racers of the three top teams (Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull), who drank champagne on the podium.

In 2018, Williams' car (the FW41) was even worse, if possible, and Stroll had trouble scoring points. Veteran Felipe Massa left and newcomer Sergey Sirotkin can't teach Stroll much. The Formula 1 team of Frank Williams ends with a meagre seven points in last place, Lance Stroll is responsible for six of those points. 

In 2019, Stroll switched to a more competitive team (Racing Point), but there he'll make sure he's still a pay-driver at times. The son of the boss is far short of the experienced Sergio Perez and even managed to finish behind a Williams in several races. 

Lance Stroll in 2020

With his father at the helm, Stroll seems assured of a future in Formula 1, but 2020 seems like the last chance to show the outside world that the Canadian really belongs at this level.



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