Red Bull is making a fool out of themselves if they go through with this

08-12-2020 20:53 | Updated: 09-12-2020 14:12
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Red Bull is making a fool out of themselves if they go through with this

Sergio Perez went to the back of the grid after Charles Leclerc touched him at the start of the race. The chance of a good final position seemed gone, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Racing Point was not damaged despite the touch. Through clumsiness at Mercedes, he finally managed to take the victory and that must have been a signal for Red Bull Racing.

No place for Perez

Sergio Perez delivered the best business card he could last Sunday. Coming from behind and taking victory, including bold overtaking in between. The most painful thing for Red Bull Racing was of course the overtaking of Alexander Albon and that from the outside. Robert Doornbos said earlier that Helmut had to call Marko Perez and repeated that, because Albon just can't go on anymore.

In his column on Ziggo Sport the former F1 driver and nowadays analyst says: "How is it possible that this man has no place on the grid? He has proven that always when he finishes, he is in the points. He is 'steady', he is also really fast, because his overtaking race was unprecedented. There is only one possibility, including how he caught up with Albon. On the outside, and I think that was the time for Red Bull to say: 'Okay, we're going to see Sergio and we're going to make a deal'.

Verstappen needs a strong teammate

Whether it has come this far or is going to come, that remains the big question. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult for Red Bull Racing to hold on to Albon, because he cannot keep up with the high level of Verstapen and others at the head of the field. This is sad for the Thai driver, but in team interest it doesn't help Red Bull. Neither does Verstappen, who needs a strong teammate in races.

Doornbos: "If Red Bull doesn't move on to 2021 with a strong teammate for Max, they will be making a bit of a fool of themselves towards the competition, towards the rest of the world that it follows. Because you can't run a team like that on your own. Max has shown that this year and then they are still short of being able to attack Mercedes. You need a strong teammate. Even if it's for the development of the team."

Testing of parts

Last weekend Verstappen tested a new wing, adds Doornbos, but the team cannot do that at Albon. This is because he is too far off the pace, so the data is not valuable. As a result, Albon is, as it were, slowing down the team's development.

Finally, Doornbos says: "It is about time that Helmut Marko understands this and that they do not give in to the political interests of the Thai family or those who are there. You just have to choose speed and Sergio Perez is the perfect second man for Verstappen as far as I am concerned."

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