Doornbos critical of Albon: 'He won't get a seat for 2021 this way'

12-10-2020 17:45 | Updated: 12-10-2020 21:23
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Doornbos critical of Albon: 'He won't get a seat for 2021 this way'

Alexander Albon did not show the best of himself in Germany. To make matters worse, he also communicated to his team that he was struggling with the AlphaTauri. Together with his performance Alexander Albon has come in for a lot of criticism and if it continues like this it will be goodbye to the Thai-British driver at Red Bull Racing, says Robert Doornbos.

Good fight

The onboard radio came up again during the new Crashen in the Kitchen episode on Ziggo Sport, which Robert Doornbos pointed out as the stupidest moment of the race. "That moment you're fighting with Pierre Gasly, which is cool. It's your sister team, but of course Pierre Gasly doesn't have to open the door for Albon and say, 'Go ahead, go ahead'."

The two were engaged in a fierce battle in which it almost collided when Albon blocked his front wheel. Doornbos: "It's Gasly who gives him the space and I love this racing. And then comes the onboard radio..." Not a very good turn, because he knows the whole world is watching and listening.

No seat in 2021...?

Was this the decisive event in what will happen to him in 2021? That's hard to determine, but Doornbos does state: "They've already given him quite a lot of time. He certainly won't have the seat for 2021 if he goes on like this."

And to think that this is not the only onboard radio that has been the subject of much criticism.

Earlier this year he already said he didn't know what he had to do to go even faster and mostly he finishes far behind Max Verstappen. The bright spot, however, was his third place in Mugello, which is his only podium in Formula 1 to date.

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