Albon and Ricciardo also receive penalty points

27-09-2020 16:50 | Updated: 27-09-2020 17:04
Albon and Ricciardo also receive penalty points

It was not only Lewis Hamilton who received penalty points from the stewards in Russia on Sunday afternoon. Alexander Albon and Daniel Ricciardo also committed an infringement according to the FIA leadership. Romain Grosjean was acquitted after an investigation and received no penalty or penalty points.

Albon and Ricciardo exceeded the track limits in turn two during the race. The drivers of Red Bull Racing and Renault respectively were each given a five-second time penalty and a point on their licences. Both men ran wide at Turn 2 and did not return to the track via the designated route.

Not the first penalty points for Albon and Ricciardo

Ricciardo currently stands at three penalty points, whereas Albon has managed to collect a total of five over the last twelve months. They do not have to fear a suspension of one GP weekend, which will only follow at twelve penalty points.

Grosjean attempted to follow the designated route after turn two, but he hit the signs, so that even briefly a virtual safety car was necessary to have the debris removed by the marshals. The stewards did not sanction the driver of Haas F1. Grosjean was in a fight with Sebastian Vettel and therefore it became very difficult for the Frenchman to follow the route. According to the race management Grosjean made enough effort.

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