Albon looks back: "Process is more important than the result"

22-09-2020 14:27
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Albon looks back: Process is more important than the result

Alexander Albon had a good weekend in Mugello, where he finally managed to get his first podium. In Russia, Albon will hope for a repeat of his results in the second race in Italy, although the Sochi circuit does not quite match the Red Bull Racing car. In an interview at the F1 Nation podcast Albon explains that he does not expect to perform much better all of a sudden.

"It is no secret that I wanted this podium, of course, but it has never felt as if I was really in a hurry to get it. My main focus is on the process, to make sure that I get the best out of the things I can control. In the end, the result is just the result", the Thai driver says.

One of the best races

"Sometimes things are going well and sometimes they can be very difficult. Races like in Monza clearly didn't go as we expected, but I knew the process was going in the right direction and it felt more and more like I knew better what was happening. I knew a podium was going to happen someday". Albon says he saw that opportunity in Mugello and eventually caught up with Daniel Ricciardo.

"In Mugello it also felt as if that opportunity was finally there again. When I saw Daniel in front of me I knew that I would not let this chance slip out of my hands". The Red Bull driver thinks the race at Mugello was one of his better races in his two Formula 1 seasons. "I think it is up there. It was a strong race, as I had in the two races at Silverstone", concludes Albon.

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