Binotto: "The goal is to outperform this season in 2021".

20-09-2020 14:54 | Updated: 20-09-2020 20:59
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Binotto: The goal is to outperform this season in 2021.

2020 already seems to be a season to forget for Ferrari. They are way behind Red Bull Racing and Mercedes and they are struggling to get any points at all. At Monza both drivers retired and in Mugello, the Italian team had to return to Maranello with a tenth and an eighth place. So Ferrari's hopes now lie in the future.

Mattia Binotto says the same in an interview with David Coulthard on "If you look to the future, F1 must remain a platform for innovation. We need to look with the FIA and F1 at the possibilities to make F1 more sustainable. Things will improve next year, 2020 is a very difficult season for us. It has been difficult from day one and we have had little chance to develop.

Focus now on 2022

"In 2021 there will be small improvements, such as a new engine. We are working very hard on that now. Of course, our goal is to outperform next year," Binotto explained. In 2021, Sebastian Vettel will make way for Carlos Sainz, who comes over from McLaren. Binotto himself indicated that 2022 will be enormously important.

"Everything will be different in 2022. We will have new cars, new chassis, new rules and everyone will start from scratch. Nobody can work on it until 1 January, so it will be exciting because I'm sure it will make our sport stronger. And at Ferrari we will definitely be part of that and we are looking forward to it," Binotto concluded.

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