Schumacher advises Marko: "Call Hülkenberg"

12-09-2020 19:32 | Updated: 12-09-2020 22:17
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Schumacher advises Marko: Call Hülkenberg

With the announcement of the transfer of Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin, the rumour mill is now focusing on the second seat at Red Bull Racing. Although Red Bull itself has always indicated that they want to continue with Alexander Albon, different media are now mentioning other names.

This rumour mill is partly triggered by Christian Horner himself, who was very positive about Nico Hülkenberg. The German has always been highly regarded and his recent stint at Racing Point has once again made an impression. Ralf Schumacher believes that Red Bull does not need to doubt this decision.

If Schumacher was Helmut Marko...

"If I were Dr. Marko I would call Nico Hulkenberg and get him in the car," says Schumacher on Sky Germany. "He is of Ricciardo's level. He could be a great asset to the team. Marko would then have a second stable driver who with his experience could also help develop."

Helmut Marko himself is sticking to previous decisions for the time being. As long as Albon shows that he is making progress, he will therefore, according to the Austrian, have the best chance to compete for Red Bull Racing next season as well.

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