Situation at Ferrari will not improve quickly: ''Once the trouble starts....''

Situation at Ferrari will not improve quickly: ''Once the trouble starts....''

01-09-2020 10:55

Ferrari will soon want to forget the Belgian Grand Prix, but the question is whether this will remain a single incident? Jan Lammers is of the opinion that the problem is much deeper at Ferrari than just the car.

Structural problems at Ferrari

''Let one thing be clear: There is something in its entirety that is not right at Ferrari. In fact, presentations for companies are always about teamwork. If you work well as a team, that can be very powerful. The other way round is also true, because it's clear that things are not right at Ferrari'', says Jan Lammers in conversation with

''Something must be structurally and fundamentally wrong if people within the team do not have confidence in the team. You need a breath of fresh air. You have people who design and drive the car, but even before they go to work a lot is not right. The whole team just has problems''.

According to Lammers, that's not just solved for the Italians. According to the chairman, the Tifosi will have to wait until 2022 for a victory, but Lammers can tell Williams how quickly a team can break down. ''If it doesn't work out, things can suddenly get tough. Look at the Barcelona football club, no one could have thought of that.''

McLaren and Seidl as examples

Therefore, according to the former Formula 1 driver, the solution is not available. ''It is easy for us to identify the problem, but it is much more difficult to solve it. You quickly look at Mattia Binotto, but he too has been appointed by someone else. Binotto will be seen as the problem, but the problems are also above him''.

Still, Lammers sees that a team boss can have an effect on an organisation. ''From the moment Andreas Seidl joined McLaren you can see that the whole organisation has calmed down. So the policy decisions at McLaren have ensured that things are going well right from the start. On the other hand, at Williams you see that if the trouble starts and the wrong people are in the wrong place, you can be busy for a while'', concludes the racing driver opposite

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