Leclerc advocate of party mode ban despite Ferrari benefit

13-08-2020 17:33 | Updated: 13-08-2020 18:02
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Leclerc advocate of party mode ban despite Ferrari benefit

The conversation of the day on the Thursday prior to the GP of Spain at the Circuit de Catalunya was the ban on the party mode used during qualifying for some extra strength. It was also asked during the press moment of Ferrari. Charles Leclerc is not in favour of it.

Leclerc and Vettel indifferent

Mercedes in particular benefits from the party mode of their powerunit. The German team is unapproachable on Saturdays. Honda also seems to have such a mode for Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Ferrari has shown in previous years to be able to turn on the Saturday from time to time.

Despite the advantage that Ferrari has in this respect, drivers Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel are indifferent about the mode. This is probably due to the disappointing shape of the team this year. In Q2 you don't have much use for your party mode yet.

Leclerc against party mode

Apparently the drivers of the factory team are no better off with a party mode. Normally, the supplier can build in a benefit for himself and provide a standard power source to his customers.

Leclerc says he is in favour of banning the party mode. From this it can be concluded that Ferrari doesn't notice the advantage of the party mode itself. Otherwise the team would have a big advantage over Haas F1 and Alfa Romeo Racing and a competitive factor against their rivals.

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