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Spanish Grand Prix

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Formula 1 Spanish GP

The Barcelona circuit will be driven on by the drivers for the first time in the Spanish Grand Prix weekend. Unlike previous years, it will not be a testing venue in 2023. The drivers know the track in Catalonia like the back of their hands because of the previous testing. The circuit has many bends and few straights, but still a track where Mercedes has been extremely successful in recent years.

The Spanish Grand Prix 2023

The circuit in Montmelo has been the place where team bosses, drivers and fans eagerly await for years. A race lap only lasts 1:18 (the lap record set by Max Verstappen in 2021) making it exciting for 66 laps. Two straights and only two (fixed) DRS zones mean that drivers must also show guts in the corners by making an overtake there.

Almost every winter test, Formula 1 travels to Barcelona to perform lap after lap on this circuit. Thousands of laps later, every driver knows every corner and every spot where someone might think they could place an overtaking manoeuvre.

This time there is no driving in a cold climate, but the Spanish sun shines wonderfully above the circuit. The temperature of the tarmac is rising nicely, so teams now have to worry about keeping the tyre cool enough, while in winter they had to do everything they could to warm them up.

What does the race weekend of the Spanish Grand Prix look like?

FP1 is scheduled for June 02, at 12:30 [UK time]. The second practice takes place at 16:00. Qualifying starts on Saturday, June 03 at 3:00 PM, after which the race will be held on Sunday, June 04.

What time does the Spanish Grand Prix start?

As in previous years, the GP of Spain can be followed live in the GPblog live blog from half an hour before the start of the race. The start time of the Spanish Grand Prix is ​​2:00 PM UK time and the race can also. The free practice sessions and qualifying can also be followed on your chosen TV option.