Here's the 2021 F1 calendar: 'Cancelled Japan GP creates second gap'

18-08-2021 07:00 | Updated: 18-08-2021 08:57
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Here's the 2021 F1 calendar: 'Cancelled Japan GP creates second gap'

Formula 1 has quite a puzzle in front of it. The Formula 1 calendar might change again within a few days, which means that the organisation has to look for two new circuits. With the possible problems in Turkey and Mexico, the problems are not even over yet.

No GP in Japan

On Wednesday it became clear that there is a big chance that within a few days the Japanese Grand Prix will also be cancelled. It is not a big surprise as the GP at Suzuka has been on the cards for some time now. It does however leave a second gap on the rest of the calendar for this season, while the F1-top wants to organise 'just' 23 races in 2021.

There are (with a cancelled GP of Japan) two holes in the calendar. October 10 will be free because of Japan and November 21 was already free because of the cancelled Australian Grand Prix. The Brazilian GP might be moved with a week to November 14, more information will be available on August 26 at the latest, and the Japanese GP is already a red sin for England and still not a certainty for this season.

In that respect, there is still a lot of uncertainty. The first four races seem to be fixed. After the summer break, we prepare for a Triple Header Belgium-Dutch-Italy, and two weeks after that we go to Russia. Russia was supposed to be part of a Triple Header with Turkey and Japan. Japan will fall away though, and Turkey is still highly uncertain.

Europe or Asia?

In the East, at least one and maybe two spots will have to be filled. China and Malaysia are the easiest options, but last year in October there were also races in Germany, Portugal and Italy. It could be that the Nürburgring and Portimao will be used again.

Next, we head west, with the original Triple Header America-Mexico-Brazil. From America, it was already known that the GP might be moved to November. November 14 and 21 were mentioned as options for this race, and that coincides with the Brazilian GP choosing between November 7 and 14. The question for the organisers is perhaps which GP will be linked to this, as Mexico is also uncertain. A second GP in Austin or an extra race in America could be among the possibilities.

Back to Bahrain

Then we come to the last block of the calendar. December 5 and 12 are now the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Australia has been dropped, but with Bahrain, there might be a simple replacement. Bahrain was already available for the winter test and first race of the season, but last season they also organised a Double Header on their own circuit. Then even with a completely different layout.

It is clear that Stefano Domenicali and his team have a lot of work to do to make this season a success. There seem to be plenty of options to solve any problems, but it's all very short notice. One thing is for sure: the last word on the calendar has not been spoken yet.

The 2021 F1 calendar without Japan

August 29: Belgian Grand Prix

September 5th: Dutch Grand Prix

12th September: Italian Grand Prix

26 September: Russian Grand Prix

October 3rd: Turkish Grand Prix

10 October: Vacant

24 October: United States Grand Prix

31 October: Mexican Grand Prix

7 November: Brazilian Grand Prix

21 November: Vacant

December 5th: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

December 12th: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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