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Mexican Grand Prix

Mexico City
Circuit length
4.304 km
rounds count
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Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix

The Mexican fans can party as usual, especially now that Sergio Perez drives for a top team. In 2021 the local hero took the podium, something he would like to do again in 2023 - but preferably with a victory. Moreover, the Mexican Grand Prix is ​​one where a lot usually happens.

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The 2023 Mexican Grand Prix

The current layout of the track was, as is often the case on the current F1 calendar, overseen by Hermann Tilke. Since 2015 the race is back on the calendar and it has been a feast every time. Not only because of the pulsating race (and its possible outcome), but also because the Dia de los Muertos falls close to the race weekend. This will again be the case in 2023.

On this track it is also interesting for the engines: Almost all manufacturers reduce the power source considerably, since driving in the thin air at the high altitude of the track requires it. It is partly for this reason that Red Bull Racing has enjoyed travelling to Mexico in recent years: they took the victory here twice in a row.

In 2022, Mercedes looked set to bring some delight after a season of weaker results. But Lewis Hamilton was unable to stop Max Verstappen from taking the win. In the end, Hamilton finished second, with home favourite Sergio Perez completing the top three. 

What does the Mexican Grand Prix race weekend look like?

On October 27th, the drivers will take their seats in their cars for the free practice sessions. FP1 is scheduled for 19:30 UK time. The second free practice session with be held at 23:00. Qualifying starts on Saturday, October 28 at 10:00 PM, after which the race will be held on Sunday, October 29.

What time does the Mexican Grand Prix start?

As in previous years, the Mexican GP can be followed live in the GPblog.com live blog from one hour before the start of the race. The start time of the Mexican Grand Prix is ​​20:00 UK time and the race can also be followed live on your local TV option.