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Japanese Grand Prix

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5.807 km
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Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix

It was a long time coming, but Formula 1 finally returned to Japan in 2022 and is set to go again in 2023. All F1 teams and drivers travel with great pleasure to the Japanese Grand Prix to show a fine example of racing skills. The Japanese fans are known for cheering on all drivers with great enthusiasm, but the teams linked to Honda may have an edge. 

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The 2023 Japanese Grand Prix

Dutchman John Hugenholtz designed the circuit. The designer also helped on the Zandvoort circuit, but he just can't get close to the number of F1 circuits that Hermann Tilke has on the current calendar. Nevertheless, Hugenholtz has been responsible for one of the most iconic circuits on the current F1 calendar, Suzuka.

Mega corners, under another part of the track, a bizarre corner combination and a straight with a technical kink in it: the 130R. The Suzuka Circuit in Japan has everything a driver dreams of, letting you know that the Japanese Grand Prix is ​​a race on the Formula 1 calendar every year to enjoy!

The circuit has been known to decide titles many times in the past. Mikka Hakkinen won both of his titles in Japan. Damon Hill, Aryton Senna and Michael Schumacher also had famous title victories in the land of the rising sun. Due to its position change on the calendar, it had to wait awhile but in 2022 Max Verstappen was crowned champion at the venue in front of the Honda fans. 

What does the Japanese Grand Prix race weekend look like?

On 22nd September, the drivers will take their seats in their cars for the free practice sessions. FP1 is scheduled for 03:30 UK time. At 07:00 the second practice session will take place. Qualifying starts on Saturday, September 23 at 07:00, after which the race will be held on Sunday, September 24.

What time does the Japanese Grand Prix start?

As in previous years, the Japanese Grand Prix can be followed live in the live blog from one hour before the start of the race. The start time of the Japanese Grand Prix is ​​06:00 UK time and the race can also be followed live on your local TV option.