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United States Grand Prix

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5.513 km
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United States Formula 1 Grand Prix

Stars and stripes: American pride is back on the program! Since 2016, the United States Grand Prix in Austin has been the only GP in America. This came to an end in 2022 with the Grand Prix of Miami, but the spectacle at the Circuit of the Americas will not be any less! In 2023, it will form part of three races in America due to the addition of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. 

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The American Grand Prix in 2023

Every inhabited continent has a Grand Prix and North America is no exception to that rule. Other forms of motorsport may be bigger there in name and number of fans, but Formula 1 certainly wins the hearts of American enthusiasts. It can hardly be otherwise, given the show that is made of the American GP every year by the organisation and drivers!

Elevation difference, straights and fast corner combinations: The Circuit of the Americas has it all. As the race takes place at the tail end of the season, there is always a chance that the title battle will be decided on the technical track (where designer Hermann Tilke once again lent a helping hand with the track's construction).

What does the US Grand Prix race weekend look like?

On October 20, the drivers will take their seats in their cars to drive the free practice sessions. FP1 is on the program at 18:30 UK time. With it being a sprint weekend, qualifying will take place at 10pm on Saturday night in the UK. The second practice session will take place a day later at 7pm. The sprint race takes place at 11pm UK time on Saturday 21st October. In Texas, this is 5pm. After which the race will be held on Sunday, October 22.

What time does the United States Grand Prix start?

As in previous years, the United States GP can be followed live on the live blog from one hour before the start of the race. The start time of the American Grand Prix is ​​20:00 UK time and the race can also be followed live on your local TV option. In Texas, the race starts at 2pm.