Webber on crash: 'If he had the chance again he would do it differently'

21-07-2021 14:03 | Updated: 21-07-2021 17:38
by GPblog.com
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Webber on crash: 'If he had the chance again he would do it differently'

The Silverstone Grand Prix is already a day behind us, but still, the crash at Copse Corner continues to stir up emotions within the Formula 1 circuit. Everyone has an opinion about the incident, and it seems clear that, as so often with crashes in Formula 1, no one can agree on who is to blame. Or was there a guilty party at all?

Clumsy Lewis

In conversation with Speedweek.com former Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber is also asked for his opinion on the incident. The nine-time Grand Prix winner says: "I think Lewis' attack was optimistic at best, but actually quite clumsy as well."

The Australian continued, "I can't imagine Hamilton being really happy with that manoeuvre. The corner belonged to Max until the last moment. I think if Lewis had the chance again he would do it differently. Copse is no place for an attack like that. No, that was really clumsy of Lewis."

Hamilton & Rosberg

However, Webber, who himself fought out a tough rivalry with Sebastian Vettel in his active F1 days, also sees that Hamilton is not a man who is often involved in incidents. "At the same time, we can count on one hand the situations where Lewis has been involved in really controversial scenes in recent years. Maybe a few times with Nico Rosberg."

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