Tost: 'Perez knows what awaits him next to Verstappen'

24-02-2021 19:33 | Updated: 24-02-2021 20:30
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Tost: 'Perez knows what awaits him next to Verstappen'

Red Bull Racing have generally taken new drivers from their own junior programme since their inception. The team broke with that this year when they appointed Sergio Perez to replace Alexander Albon. The junior team, AlphaTauri, is again working with Pierre Gasly and newcomer Yuki Tsunoda, for whom Daniil Kvyat has had to make way.

Bad luck with selection?

Franz Tost, AlphaTauri's team principal, often sees juniors transferring to Red Bull Racing after one or two years, but this year is obviously different. Only Tsunoda is new from the juniors' programme, which no doubt also has something to do with Red Bull's deal with Honda regarding power sources.

Auto, Motor und Sport asked the AlphaTauri team boss if they are having some bad luck selecting new juniors. Tost immediately contradicts this with clear examples, despite the fact that no one from his team is transferring to Red Bull. Tost: "I think we have selected good drivers. Look at Carlos Sainz, who now drives for Ferrari. Or Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren. Pierre Gasly has won a race."

"In the end, it was a decision made by Red Bull. Perez is an experienced driver who knows what awaits him alongside Verstappen. Therefore, he might be able to deal with the situation better," showing Tost understands Red Bull Racing's choice and is seemingly unconcerned about it. He is also happy with the drivers he has now.

New chance for Gasly?

The question that keeps coming back is whether Pierre Gasly will get a new chance at Red Bull Racing. Thus Tost is asked if he believes in a return of Gasly to the top team. However, Tost is cautious and says: "To believe does not mean to know. That is why I am cautious. Pierre is definitely a super good driver. I was happy at the moment that he was not taken away from us. We are in a good position with our pair (of drivers) at the moment."

That is understandable, because for Tsunoda it is all new, of course. Then it's nice to have an experienced driver like Gasly next to you instead of another rookie.

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