Red Bull advisor: "It's pretty clear: he has to deliver now"

23-01-2021 13:21 | Updated: 23-01-2021 15:54
Red Bull advisor: It's pretty clear: he has to deliver now

Helmut Marko believes it will be a real duel between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing in 2021. Other contenders such as Ferrari and Aston Martin are not considered fast enough by the 77-year-old, although Marko knows that both teams will have made good progress.

Marko reiterates that he doesn't expect much competition from Aston Martin. "I don't think you can make up for that in one season. It's also about the infrastructure in the team. For a world championship everything has to be right - the pit stops, the further development. I don't see Aston Martin getting that far yet."

Much will also depend on the performance of Sebastian Vettel. The four-time world champion has had a difficult end to his career at Ferrari. "His last two years at Ferrari were not of the Vettel level we know of him. It's pretty clear: he has to deliver now. He will probably fight for the third spot in the constructors' championship. Maybe he can fight for the win again if there are problems for the teams in front."

Ferrari makes a jump

Ferrari will be a lot better next season than in 2020, Red Bull suspects. "I understand they have made a big jump forward on the engine front," Marko reported to RTL. "I think they have got over the shock of last season, when they were 50 horsepower behind. They are motivated again now. The chances of them going for third place in the constructors' championship are definitely there."

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