Tost does not feel sorry for Red Bull talents who come back: 'F1 is top-class'

29-12-2020 10:18 | Updated: 29-12-2020 12:12
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Tost does not feel sorry for Red Bull talents who come back: 'F1 is top-class'

Red Bull Racing has opted for Sergio Perez and has therefore abandoned Pierre Gasly, and now Alexander Albon. Have these drivers all gone to Red Bull Racing too early or is Franz Tost doing something special with these guys?

No magic potion

AlphaTauri and the former Toro Rosso are the first step in Formula 1 for many of Red Bull's talents. Helmut Marko determines which talents are allowed to drive for Franz's team. However, Daniil Kvyat, Albon and Gasly were all too slow for Red Bull. Why does Tost get these drivers working when Red Bull can't?

''We don't have a magic potion, because there are also drivers who do succeed at Red Bull. Whether you are talking about Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo or Sebastian Vettel. Sometimes the switches are just not as expected. The fact that Vettel went to Ferrari meant that Kvuat had to go to Red Bull after only a year. However, I continue to stress that drivers need three years at AlphaTauri to survive at Red Bull," said Tost to

Formula 1 is a top sport

''Red Bull Racing is on a completely different level, as they race for victories and the world titles. They have to be at the head of the championship, so the driver has to have experience to take part in that fight. Gasly also had to make that transition suddenly after Ricciardo's departure and if a few ingredients are not right then talents can be overwhelmed. If you are not mentally 100% strong, there is a risk that you will not succeed.''

Tost, however, does not feel sorry for talents that lose weight quickly. ''Formula 1 is top-class sport and you can survive or die in it. You have to get out of the misery when things don't work out for a while. You can't always hope that it all goes perfectly, that's the way it is,'' Tost is hard on his boys.

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