Column: Red Bull will have to drop at least one of these talents in 2021

28-10-2020 11:31
Column: Red Bull will have to drop at least one of these talents in 2021

With the confirmation that Pierre Gasly will drive for AlphaTauri in 2021, a new puzzle piece falls into place. However, the complete puzzle is still far from solved, but this confirmation most likely means that one driver from the Red Bull junior academy is a loser.

Gasly stays with AlphaTauri

For 2021, Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly are firmly within the Red Bull set-up. Verstappen is the clear first driver at Red Bull Racing and Gasly has raced with the AlphaTauri team for a year and a half. With Gasly not getting a promotion to Red Bull Racing, the door seems to be completely open to an outsider.

For weeks it seems inevitable that Alexander Albon will be replaced at Red Bull. Red bull have tried with Gasly and Albon to absorb the departure of Daniel Ricciardo with their own talents but haven't succeeded. Both drivers were unable to get close to Max Verstappen and get the most out of the car.

Experience at Red Bull Racing

That is why we are now looking further and Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg are the biggest candidates. Both with a lot of experience and both have already proven that they can cope with several competitors in Formula 1.

In addition to Perez and Hulkenberg, the name of George Russell was also mentioned as a partner for Verstappen last week. The 2018 Formula 2 champion has the talent, but the question is whether the same will happen to him as to Albon and Gasly. Also, Russell is with Mercedes and will be taken away again if he performed too well.

Place for Albon

If Albon is actually replaced, a return to AlphaTauri seems a certainty. Red Bull have shown a lot of confidence and patience with the British-Thai, where Gasly was relegated after six months. The chance that Albon will be kicked out right now seems very small, but there is one obstacle.

Yuki Tsunoda has been rumoured all year as the new driver of AlphaTauri for 2021 and Helmut Marko already announced that the Japanese driver only needs to get a super license. Despite the announced departure of Honda, the Japanese still has every confidence in a chance at AlphaTauri.

Who will soon leave?

However, if Albon and Gasly join AlphaTauri, the seats are already filled and there is no room for Tsunoda At least one of Albon and Tsunoda are likely to leave. One of them will lose or not get their place and will be left disappointed. 

For Albon and Tsunoda, there are not many other options outside of AlphaTauri. Alfa Romeo, Haas and Williams all look at other drivers and preferably the one with money. The only scenario where both drivers will drive F1 in 2021 is if Albon is allowed to stay with Red Bull. However, Red Bull doesn't seem to be able to afford that anymore.

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