Van de Grint: "He looks worse than he is"

12-10-2020 20:48 | Updated: 12-10-2020 21:17
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Van de Grint: He looks worse than he is

Alexander Albon is the talk of the day which is mainly due to his message on the radio. He had a lot of trouble with Pierre Gasly and that was clear to hear. A message that an F1 driver is actually unworthy, that is the sport. And certainly Gasly does not give up his place to someone who drives 'his' car. But that does not mean that Albon is a bad driver.

No chance against Hamilton

"Verstappen drove really, really well," says former tyre specialist Kees van de Grint in the new broadcast of Slipstream. "If you have taken a good look at how neatly and extraordinarily well he drove... It may even be a bit sad, because he distorted the whole thing. He didn't stand a chance against Hamilton in the Mercedes and you know, I'm not a big fan of Albon, but that boy doesn't stand a chance either."

"Max is absolutely the best at the moment," are the laudatory words of Van de Grint for Verstappen who finished second on Sunday. But as far as Albon's radio is concerned. "These are men and you don't have to go sideways. But of course there's also an old pain with Gasly there." 

And what also doesn't help is that Verstappen performs so well that it stands out from Albon.

Huge pressure

"Albon is under enormous pressure, everyone has an opinion on that. But he looks worse than he is. Again, I'm not a fan, but he looks worse because of Max Verstappen." 

A justified point, given that the differences are quite big and that the Dutchman rises above his material on several occasions. Something Albon is not capable of, because with him it becomes almost clear that the Red Bull is nothing more than a middle man.

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