"Because of understeer behind Perez I came into contact with Lance"

28-09-2020 09:38 | Updated: 29-09-2020 00:15
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Because of understeer behind Perez I came into contact with Lance

Charles Leclerc drove a very strong race during the Russian Grand Prix and climbed up to sixth place. One of the competitors he had to overtake was Lance Stroll. He kept Leclerc out of the way by bumping into the Canadian in the first lap. The only blemish on an otherwise fantastic race.

Although it was considered by the stewards as a racing incident, it looked like a rather clumsy move by Leclerc on the onboard images. However, the Monegasque did have an explanation for this afterwards.

Understeer for Leclerc

"I tried to go on the inside of Lance in turn four," said Leclerc according to RaceFans.net. "Then in the middle of the corner Perez took the apex. When I was behind him, I understeered quite a bit and then we made contact with Lance.”

Stroll said that was a very sloppy move from the Ferrari driver. He said he gave him plenty of room, so contact could have been avoided. For Stroll it was the second time in two races that he has retired from a promising position through no fault of his own. In Mugello he was in fourth place when he suffered a blowout.

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