No more hope at Red Bull: ''Say goodbye to your world title''

25-09-2020 08:40 | Updated: 25-09-2020 12:39
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No more hope at Red Bull: ''Say goodbye to your world title''

Red Bull Racing went for the world title this year, but even the most optimistic man within their ranks has now given up hope. According to Helmut Marko, his team can forget about the title.

Red Bull Racing and Honda would have had to have had an incredible winter if they were to challenge for the title in 2020. However, Mercedes have been too fast again and Lewis Hamilton could be on the hunt for his seventh world title. A great achievement, according to Marko.

Marko gives up hope of title

''If he succeeds in emulating Michael Schumacher (91 victories), I will of course go to the Mercedes garage to congratulate him, because you have to acknowledge his achievement. Of course we want to avoid that and be successful ourselves, but Sochi is Mercedes territory and that means we have to focus on third place,'' said Marko to Kronen Zeitung.

Due to two retirements in a row, the gap from Max Verstappen to Lewis Hamilton has risen to 80 points and that is all but the end of his title bid. ''That means you can say goodbye to the world title. We also have to be realistic. We could have won in Mugello, maybe we should have won, but at least Honda now believes that they have found the cause of these electronic problems," concluded Marko.

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