Verstappen has no preference: "I just want to be world champion"

24-09-2020 14:55 | Updated: 24-09-2020 15:12
Verstappen has no preference: I just want to be world champion

Max Verstappen has no preference at all for who will sit next season next to him in the other car at Red Bull. The 22-year-old driver has only one goal: to win his first World Championship title. Plans of the FIA to possibly come up with reversed grid qualification races in 2021 do not have the approval of Verstappen.

"We can keep talking and speculating about it, but we have to show it on the circuit," says Verstappen to De Telegraaf and others. At, the Limburger goes on to say that he does not care whether it is Sergio Perez, Nico Hulkenberg, Alexander Albon, Lewis Hamilton or Pierre Gasly who becomes his teammate in 2021. "I just want to be world champion."

Reversed grid qualifying races?

For next season at least, Verstappen hopes that no reversed grid-qualifying races will be organised by Formula 1. According to the nine-time Grand Prix winner, Liberty Media would take the wrong route. "I don't like it. It's artificial, it's to create a show and that's not what Formula 1 is all about," he says at

Finally, the Red Bull-driver looks ahead to the chances of the RB16 in Sochi. The Dutchman points out that Red Bull does not like the results in the past. Mercedes has won every Sunday since it has been on the track in Russia. Verstappen does not expect miracles and aims for a podium place.

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