Jordan wants the best couple at Red Bull: ''Verstappen would win in the end''

22-09-2020 08:41 | Updated: 22-09-2020 11:21
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Jordan wants the best couple at Red Bull: ''Verstappen would win in the end''

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen seem to be the two best drivers in Formula 1 at the moment. However, you only know who is the best when they are in the same team and that is what Eddie Jordan says should happen.

''Lewis is unbelievable and soon he will break Schumacher's record. When he has achieved everything by then, however, his hunger will be satisfied. Max is by far the best of the young drivers. He has great control over his car and is sensationally fast every lap. The arrogance is also justified, because it comes together with confidence in yourself what a good champion needs'', says the former team boss to

Royal couple at Red Bull Racing

It is therefore difficult for many fans to understand that Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are not attempting to bring in both drivers. Valtteri Bottas and Alexander Albon are good drivers, but they are no match compared to their team mate. Jordan would like to see Hamilton and Verstappen driving together.

''A duel between those two within one team is what everyone wants to see. Bottas and Albon don't stand a chance against their team mate and if you bring Hamilton and Verstappen together you just have a legendary boxing fight like between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, but every fortnight'', Jordan is already lyrical with the idea.

Verstappen would defeat Hamilton

''Hamilton's future is still uncertain, because he has not yet signed up. Red Bull should take advantage of this and sign it. Then suddenly you are title favourite. Not only do you have the two best drivers, but you also take the most important element away from your competitor''.

Where Helmut Marko takes this idea as a suicide, this is exactly what Formula 1 needs according to Eddie. ''Red Bull may only win two thirds of the races because those two ruffs keep driving each other off the track, but at the end this is good for everyone: Liberty Media, the fans, Red Bull and Verstappen, because he would win'', concludes Jordan.

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