Vettel does not choose Ricciardo: "Even though he was a strong opponent"

21-09-2020 06:59 | Updated: 21-09-2020 10:42
Vettel does not choose Ricciardo: Even though he was a strong opponent

Sebastian Vettel competed in Formula 1 against teammates Vitantonio Liuzzi, Sebastien Bourdais, Mark WebberDaniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen and Charles Leclerc. Of these five men, the four-time Sky Sports World Champion has to point out the strongest teammate.

In the end, Vettel chooses Webber as the most competitive teammate. The 33 year old driver who will be racing for the Aston Martin F1 Team next year explains why he chooses the Australian: "He was already a bit further in his career at that time. What's more, he was a bit more mature than I was. That made it a good fight within the team."

Vettel ignores Ricciardo

Not only on the asphalt was there a fight between the two men, but also outside the track it was sometimes hard against hard. "But now we get along well," said Vettel. The German was defeated by Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull in 2014, but he doesn't choose the current Renault driver as his most difficult teammate. "That year with him was short. It was a difficult year in several things, even though he was a strong opponent."

Furthermore Vettel states in the interview with the British medium that he has learnt a lot from the driving skills of Raikkonen and indicates that he expects Leclerc to go very far in Formula 1.

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