Gasly: "AlphaTauri's goal is to become a top team"

19-09-2020 16:47 | Updated: 19-09-2020 16:58
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Gasly: AlphaTauri's goal is to become a top team

Pierre Gasly won his first race in Monza with AlphaTauri. It was mainly luck which made the Frenchman win, but apart from this victory, the driver thinks his spot at AlphaTauri is not so bad for his career. The team is very ambitious.

Not a bad step for Gasly

Gasly was put aside by Red Bull Racing halfway through the 2019 season. He had to take a step back to Toro Rosso. A step back in F1 often means the beginning of the end. However, Gasly showed resilience and now realises that his spot at AlphaTauri is not so bad.

Talking to, the driver said: "There is a lot of will and ambition at AlphaTauri. I think it is a completely different situation than Toro Rosso/Red Bull; the way it was before."

AlphaTauri at the same level as Red Bull in the future

"The project is very exciting," continues Gasly. "At the moment, Red Bull is apparently the top team of the two. However, Alpha's ambition is to reach the same level at some point. That means we need to have the resources and have more and larger facilities at our disposal."

According to Gasly, the goal of the team is to become a top team; to stand on its own two feet and acquire its own status. It's just not a one-year project. It's going to take a lot of time.

"It's going to take time, but I don't think it's still a sister team, as it used to be. The team is in the process of gaining its own place in F1."

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