Marko sets target for Albon: "Three tenths on Verstappen"

11-09-2020 10:58 | Updated: 11-09-2020 13:30
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Marko sets target for Albon: Three tenths on Verstappen

Pierre Gasly took his first win at Monza last Sunday in a car that wouldn't normally be able to do so. In that respect, Alexander Albon had to check whether he was driving in a better car. Circumstances of course, but where Gasly now has two podiums, Albon still doesn't have one. Still, the Red Bull Racing driver doesn't feel that the pressure has increased and Helmut Marko has set a clear goal.

Difference to Verstappen

Apart from Albon's performance, the most important indicator is Max Verstappen. The gap has always been quite large to date and the goal for Albon is to reduce that. Something that he succeeded in at Monza, but also at Spa-Francorchamps, Albon was already faster than earlier in the season. This was noted by Helmut Marko, who said: "He has improved his performance."

And Marko continued: "Three tenths on Max Verstapen, that's what you have to achieve", so Albon knows what his aim should be. The positive news for him is that both Marko and Horner see improvement in his performance, but whether that is enough to narrow the gap is still to be seen.

Albon may not have scored any points at Monza, but he looks back on the race weekend somewhat positively. "Monza was a pretty positive weekend, with the exception of Sunday. The speed is improving and I felt a lot better than at Spa. Of course, Sunday didn't go as planned, but I'm concentrating on the positive and I want to take the momentum to the next weekend," he commented

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