''I would have liked to have heard Alonso about Ferrari instead of Vettel''

31-08-2020 09:36 | Updated: 31-08-2020 09:39
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''I would have liked to have heard Alonso about Ferrari instead of Vettel''

Ferrari are having a hard time in the 2020 Formula 1 season. The team was already under fire following the secret agreement with the FIA, but the team's performance throughout the year has made things even worse for the Italian team.

''A year like this is just a disappointment. You just lost something and a year like this is actually pointless. It only causes stress and unrest for people who will leave because of it," said Jacques Villeneuve to the Italian Sky Sports.

Alonso wouldn't give a damn about Ferrari

While Mattia Binotto, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel remain fairly calm in the current situation, the Canadian would have liked to have heard Fernando Alonso after the race. ''Alonso will later thank Ricciardo for his seat, but I would have liked to hear Alonso after the race instead of Vettel," jokes Villeneuve, who in his time at Ferrari (and several other teams) could never keep his mouth shut if the performance got less.

Ricciardo, on the other hand, will be disappointed according to Villeneuve. The Australian will leave his seat at the end of the season to Alonso, to go to McLaren. ''Ricciardo really lost last year, but has worked hard with the team on the car. Now he goes to McLaren which is just as strong as Renault," the world champion of 1997 concludes.

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