Verstappen looks at biggest competitor: "Felt pretty good today"

14-08-2020 21:30 | Updated: 14-08-2020 22:53
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Verstappen looks at biggest competitor: Felt pretty good today

Statistics indicate that Mercedes, despite last week at Silverstone, is looking forward to another fairly dominant weekend. On the straight as well as in the corners, Red Bull Racing has a hard time keeping up. But what do the drivers of the teams in question think of their performance today? F1 analyst Mark Hughes spoke to them.

According to Valtteri Bottas, the performance of Mercedes depends on how well the team can handle the tyres on Sunday: "How we can keep the tyres in good condition is going to decide everything," said Bottas to "The tyres are going fast and we've learned a lot since Silverstone. If we were back at Silverstone we'd probably do better."

Hamilton isn't sure either

Lewis Hamilton also doesn't know if it's going to be a one or two stop strategy on Sunday: "It's so hot out there and that's really heavy on the tyres, so you just slide around." Nevertheless, Hamilton is satisfied with today's performance: "The low speed part in the last sector is rather difficult. But in general it felt good."

Max Verstappen was realistic about this weekend: "We're not going to be able to challenge them in qualifying," said Verstappen about Mercedes. "But in the race, who knows? I actually felt pretty good today."

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