Mega-fast pit stop for Red Bull and Norris takes the fastest lap

06-07-2020 08:35
by Matt Gretton
Mega-fast pit stop for Red Bull and Norris takes the fastest lap

Despite the fact that Red Bull Racing starts the 2020 season with zero points as both Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon failed to make it to the finish despite having serious chances to win, there is one bright spot for the team. Red Bull managed to set the fastest pitstop of the day with Albon.

Pit stops stay fast at Red Bull

Albon's mega-fast stop took a total of 2.35 seconds. There's a minimal time difference between themselves and Williams. The British team was 0.11 seconds slower during George Russell's pit stop. Mercedes took third place with a time of 2.52 seconds during Lewis Hamilton's stop.

Fastest lap

For a long time, it seemed that one of the Mercedes drivers would get a point for the fastest lap. Valtteri Bottas was quick throughout the race and when Hamilton was told that he had five seconds penalty, he also stepped up a gear.

In the end, it was McLaren driver Lando Norris who drove a phenomenal lap in the final round of the circuit. The young British driver recorded a 1:07.475 around the Red Bull Ring. And in producing that lap, Norris clawed back enough time and the close the gap to less than five-seconds on Hamilton allowing him to stand on the podium.

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