Heidfield: "Mick Schumacher can debut in Formula 1 this year just like that."

02-07-2020 15:03
by GPblog.com
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Heidfield: Mick Schumacher can debut in Formula 1 this year just like that.

Next weekend, Formula 1 will break loose in Austria. Former driver Nick Heidfield indicates in his column in Sky Sport that he is especially looking forward to the duel between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

Heidfield already noticed last season that the two Ferrari drivers didn't always perform well in the red car. "Last year Mattia Binotto (Ferrari boss, ed.) already failed to get in each other's way, let alone reach the maximum for Ferrari. The challenge for them could be even greater this year".

 Heidfield is particularly curious about the performance of his compatriot. "Vettel has to show himself, perform well and get results to keep the hope of a contract with Mercedes alive. This even applies to a four-time world champion. When in doubt Sebastian will think of himself rather than the team. In such a situation the driver instinctively stands closest to himself. It's very natural."


Heidfield, who was under contract with Williams and Renault among others, sees one active fellow countryman in the highest racing class with Vettel. The 43-year-old columnist thinks that this year can change that. "I think Mick Schumacher has a good chance of getting into the Alfa Romeo. Not just on Friday during the free practice sessions, but all weekend. Even during racing." 

The victim of the entrance of Schumacher, the son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, would be Antonio Giovinazzi. "Mick could drive an F1 car and his chance could come sooner than many think."

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