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Daniel Ricciardo: 2019 gave Renault a black eye but 2020 will be better

Daniel Ricciardo: 2019 gave Renault "a black eye" but 2020 will be better

30-01-2020 15:00

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the fastest drivers on the grid but has struggled to perform at Renault so far. Reflecting on the season, the Aussie has said that 2020 must be better and that Renault must get used to coping with pressure. 

"The pressure on Renault was great," Ricciardo told Speedweek. "If we had screwed up fifth place in the constructors' championship, that would have been a blow to the stomach.

"A place lower in the rankings would have resulted in less prize money and that would have been poison for motivation. Now we have gotten a black eye, but in 2020 we will have to do better.

"It is important that we find out why we were not fast enough in certain circumstances in 2019. We have performed poorly in most games ... but we cannot be put off by that."


Ricciardo also learned a lot about discipline last season and that control over the car is crucial. 

"Well, of course you always drive fast and fast, but I learned a lot about discipline in 2019. You have to know exactly when and how you are attacking. It was very easy to drive above the conditions of the car and to overheat the tires "You try to get a tenth of a second out of it, but then it comes down to slowing down.

"You have to stay in control. If you start to slip, you are lost and you are pushed back mercilessly in the field and the price is then high."

In 2020 Ricciardo will race alongside Esteban Ocon in 2020 and will hope that the two of them will be able to bring Renault back into the mix. 

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