Sainz suggests all eyes are on 2020 F1 car at McLaren

14-11-2019 17:15
by Matt Gretton
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Sainz suggests all eyes are on 2020 F1 car at McLaren

Carlos Sainz suggests McLaren are very much focused on their 2020 challenger as the Spaniard admits everything the team test on Friday is for next season's car. McLaren have virtually wrapped up the 'best of the rest' position and only need a handful of points in Brazil to ensure Renault can't catch them. 

McLaren are favourites for the 'most improved' trophy at the end of the year. The Woking-based team have got their act together with Sainz and Lando Norris consistently scoring points. 2019 can be deemed as a success for them. 

However, McLaren isn't sitting on this success. All eyes are on the 2020 F1 season as Sainz confirms parts are being tested already. 

"Everything we are testing now on Fridays is in relation to next year's car. There are bigger and smaller things, things that you will not see and things that you do, that are to learn for 2019," Sainz told Newspaper Marca. 

Without a doubt, McLaren have closed in on the top three teams this season. Sainz admits that podiums still might not be available to them in 2020 but if either Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Ferrari or Mercedes struggle then he hopes McLaren will be able to pick up the pieces. 

"I think the podium is a distant goal. I would like the team to put itself in the position that, as soon as the top ones fail, have that opportunity. Now, when the top ones fail, they recover and overtake us on lap 40 It’s still complicated. If there is a team that can get in that position in 2020, it’s this one. Let's see if we can do it," Sainz adds. 


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