Dutch press unanimous: Verstappen showed he's the boss
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Dutch press unanimous: "Verstappen showed he's the boss"

13 June - 08:11

The Dutch newspapers are in agreement after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Max Verstappen is still the team leader within Red Bull Racing. Sergio Perez had the momentum after the Monaco Grand Prix, but his Dutch stablemate proved in Baku he could stay calm and hit back on track.

Algemeen Dagblad

Het AD writes on Monday morning that in Baku it became clear once again that Verstappen is still the absolute frontrunner within the Austrian formation. "With two raised index fingers Max Verstappen stepped out of his car this afternoon. As if he wanted to say: I am the boss in Formula 1. Not Charles Leclerc. Not Sergio Pérez. Me. Also this year."

Verstappen made a statement in the eighth Grand Prix of this season. "What Verstappen actually said: nice that the outside world stirred things up a bit around Pérez, it was a nice story for a week or two, but now the ranking has been restored. Last year the Mexican was able to win in Baku because of a blowout by Verstappen, now he was spared that bad luck and he steered to victory sovereignly after overtaking."

The Telegraph:

In a review of the race, the morning newspaper cites that there were internal discussions at Red Bull in the run-up to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. "Outwardly everything is pais and pardon, but it was made clear to Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Pérez that no one at the top team was waiting for a clash between the two drivers. That fear proved unfounded, because the lap times spoke for themselves during the race in the bumpy streets of Baku. Verstappen showed that he is the boss at Red Bull. Apart from agreements made, apart from a contract until 2028, but simply because he was the fastest man on the asphalt."

According to [The Telegraph there was absolutely no question of a fight now. "Verstappen had plenty of time in the closing stages to consult with his race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase and determine which lap time would be the most ideal for him to continue driving. On the penultimate lap, an attempt to improve on Pérez's fastest lap time for a bonus point narrowly failed. It couldn't even be called a blemish on a flawless Sunday for Verstappen."

Het Parool:

Sergio Perez had the best credentials to walk away with the win based on qualifying and the start, writes Het Parool. "The Mexican had the best start on Sunday and looked like a serious candidate for his second win in a row in Azerbaijan, but during the race it became clear that Verstappen had more speed and better control of his car on the treacherous circuit. He clearly showed that he is Red Bull's frontrunner and Pérez should be careful with bold claims that he is also competing for the title."

De Volkskrant:

At the Volkskrant note that in just under two months, the Formula One season has completely turned around. "Leclerc crashed out for the second time in three races with engine trouble and Verstappen won his fourth race in five races in Baku, slowly taking the excitement out of the season. It was suspiciously similar to his crash in Barcelona at the end of last month. Then, too, he led the race and had every chance of victory, only to suddenly lose everything in one go in that position, leaving the circuit in the most painful way possible for a title contender: without points."

NRC Handelsblad:

The NRC also pays attention in its piece to the relations between Verstappen and Perez. "Red Bull's Christian Horner said prior: 'More than ever we will have to race as a collective.' A smooth reference to the competitive battle between Red Bull drivers Verstappen and Pérez. The confirmation of that remark follows Sunday on the Baku street circuit on lap fifteen, when Verstappen quickly approaches his Mexican teammate on a straight stretch of asphalt. 'No fighting', Pérez is told via the board radio. Pérez is not allowed to defend his place, Verstappen takes over the lead in the race."

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