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Will Ricciardo and McLaren end contract year early? 'Rumors are increasing'

Will Ricciardo and McLaren end contract year early? 'Rumors are increasing'

29 May - 08:01 Last update: 12:34


Time is ticking for Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian is currently in bad form and where McLaren, with Lando Norris, is able to bring in a lot of points, Ricciardo is lagging behind his British teammate. He seemed not to have the confidence in the car and then Monaco is a very tough weekend.

Ralf Schumacher notices this too, who at Sky Germany wonders aloud whether it was a good decision by McLaren to put the former race winner under contract until 2023. "The rumors and also the voices within the team are getting louder and louder. He's just too far behind his teammate."

No Ricciardo at McLaren in 2023?

Schumacher acknowledges that Ricciardo's crash in the second free practice didn't help to regain confidence. However, he is curious how the Australian envisions his own future. Zak Brown, team boss of McLaren, has already openly announced that Ricciardo will have to perform.

He has also acknowledged that he wants to do better. So Ricciardo already has a contract for next season, but according to Schumacher, that contract can be torn up if both parties no longer see eye to eye. "He has to start turning it around now because if it stays the way it is now, I don't see him driving at McLaren next year."

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