VIDEO | Formula 1 sprint races explained in 60 seconds

12-07-2021 20:38

Formula 1 sprint races are set to make their long-awaited debut in Formula 1. From the schedule to the point-scoring, here's a very quick run down of how they'll work.

Formula One sprint races will be contested over 100km, less than a third of the usual race distance and shouldn’t take anymore than 30 minutes. The starting order for the sprint race will be decided by a traditional qualifying session on the Friday, while the results of the sprint race will determine the starting order for Sunday’s race.

Not only has the format changed but so has the schedule. Friday will consist of just the one practice session and then a regular qualifying session to decide the grid for the sprint race. Saturday morning will hold it’s usual practice session before the sprint race determines the grid for Sunday. 

Only the top three will score points, with no podium for the top three just a trophy for the winner. Silverstone will host the first this weekend with Monza and Interlagos rumoured to be the other destinations. And that is F1 sprint races explained in 60 seconds.

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