Norris jokes about Ferrari move Sainz: "I can wave at him on the race track"

27-08-2020 19:24

A nice moment during the press conference with McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz on Thursday afternoon. Norris gets the question how much he will miss Sainz next season. While Norris will continue to drive for the Woking race team, the Madrileen will go to the Ferrari team to replace Sebastian Vettel.

In response to the journalist's question, Norris said: "Not that much, with all honesty. I’ll still see him around. When I’m passing you on the race track, I can wave at him”, laughs the Brit. The 20-year-old driver is referring to the fact that McLaren is faster than Ferrari so far this season.

Sainz then tries to encourage Norris by saying he's going to miss him, but the current number seven in the World Championship doesn't do it. "You can't force me.

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