Verstappen and Perez about their favourite driver: 'You, me and Lewis"

25-05-2022 08:13 Last update: 25-05-2022 09:21

Red Bull Racing is known for coming up with entertaining videos on a regular basis. The team did so after the Spanish Grand Prix, where it took a double victory for the second time this season with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Verstappen teaches Perez Dutch sayings

In the team's latest video, Verstappen tries to teach his teammate Dutch sayings, which elicit laughter from the Mexican. As he asks his teammate to repeat the saying, Verstappen himself realizes how weird it actually sounds. "My language is broken," he laughs.

Later in the video, the teammates discuss who they think is the (presumably given up in the past) best driver. "Do you know who our favorite driver is?", Perez asks. "You and me of course, and Lewis. But normally a little more Lewis," he jokes. To that, Verstappen responds sharply, "That has to change now, of course!"

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