Verstappen supported: 'He deserves that world title'.

12-11-2021 19:11
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Verstappen supported: 'He deserves that world title'.

Max Verstappen hopes to increase his lead over Lewis Hamilton in the world championship at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Felipe Massa is convinced that the Dutchman has what it takes to grab the world title this season.

The former Formula 1 driver already saw the talent of Verstappen in 2015. At the same time, however, he noticed that the current Red Bull Racing driver had plenty of parts to work on back then. "I thought Max made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, but about his speed and talent I never had any doubts," he told in an interview with The Telegraph. "Since halfway through that last season with Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull, 2018, he's been incredibly good. As if a button has been flipped."

During the current season, Verstappen is competing to win the world championship for the first time until the end of the season. "This year he can't be caught with a mistake. Perfect in qualifying, perfect in the races. Those battles with Lewis are part of it when you are fighting for the championship. He is showing he is ready and deserves that world title as well."

Battle during Brazil GP

Hamilton managed to finish the first free practice session winning. However, Red Bull showed a lot of speed in this session, making the Austrian team still the favourite to win.

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