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Brundle expects Verstappen to be strong, but: 'Points needed on Sunday too'

Brundle expects Verstappen to be strong, but: 'Points needed on Sunday too'

12-11-2021 06:44 Last update: 10:08


The Brazilian Grand Prix has a full schedule. This weekend the sprint race will take place on Saturday, with qualifying being held on Friday evening. According to Martin Brundle, Max Verstappen will be a bit nervous ahead of the sprint race.

"He’s certainly on a roll, he won the last two Grands Prix very nicely. Nine victories so far this season for Max in the world championship. He’s on for a hat trick here", Brundle begins in his analysis for Sky Sports.

Red Bull are expected to perform well in Brazil. "The circuit should suit Red Bull Honda. Eight hundred metres of altitude, of course, he won last time out two years ago in 2019. All to play for, it’s a bit bumpy with some kerbs. We are expecting him and his Red Bull team to be very strong, but let’s wait and see."

Nervous Verstappen in the sprint race?

According to the Sky Sports analyst, the sprint should provide an entertaining race on Saturday. According to Brundle, the circuit is more suitable because of the possibility of overtaking. Still, Verstappen will have to watch out after the previous results.

"It should work well here, plenty of overtaking opportunities into turn one and then down into turn four as well. Max will be slightly nervous in the sprint format. He’s scored five out of a maximum of six points available in the previous two in Silverstone and Monza, but in both the races the following day he crashed with Lewis. So he’ll need some points on race day as well to go with the qualifying points", Brundle ends.

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