Verstappen and Hamilton a big hit in Britain

28-10-2021 08:51 | Updated: 28-10-2021 08:56
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Verstappen and Hamilton a big hit in Britain

The title fight in Formula 1 is slowly approaching its climax. Five more races and we will know whether Max Verstappen will win his first world title or that Lewis Hamilton will win it after all. In the Netherlands, millions of people are watching this exciting duel on the tube every race. But also in the rest of the world, the fight between Verstappen and Hamilton is a must-see!

Record number of viewers

Sky Sports, which owns the live Formula 1 rights in Great Britain, even dedicates a real press release to the record number of viewers during the past weekend. On average, 1.2 million English people watched the sports channel throughout the day, with a peak of 4.5 million during Manchester United - Liverpool. After that, millions of people stayed to watch Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at work in Austin.

Perhaps 4.5 million viewers doesn't sound like much in a population of 62 million. It should be noted that Sky Sports is not a free service. Customers have to pay quite a bit extra to watch Formula 1. English TV viewers have to pay at least 48 pounds per month to see Formula 1 at all.

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