Marko reveals: 'Meeting with Verstappen and Newey in Milton Keynes'

15-10-2021 16:37 | Updated: 15-10-2021 17:46
Marko reveals: 'Meeting with Verstappen and Newey in Milton Keynes'

Adrian Newey has been out of action at Red Bull Racing following a cycling accident, but the top designer is now back with the Austrian outfit. Newey's return should help Red Bull and Max Verstappen in their attempt to win both Formula 1 world championships.

"He is now not fully fit, but is ready to do his job and has immediately recognised the difficulties we had here [Turkey] in terms of setup," Marko is quoted as saying by Sky's German arm . The 78-year-old advisor is logically delighted with Newey's return.

Meeting for Red Bull

To get the most out of the RB16B in the last six Grands Prix, a meeting with Verstappen and Newey will be scheduled prior to the United States Grand Prix. "And there will be a meeting with Verstappen in the upcoming week in Milton Keynes, so that we are also back on top in terms of chassis," Marko explained.

In terms of engine power, Mercedes now seem to be the dominant team. Since the British GP at Silverstone, the German team have had more power at its disposal, making the W12 unbeatable on the straight. Marko said he will work with Honda to see if there is anything that can be done in the final stages of the 2021 season.

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