Penalty points in F1 | Four drivers without points, Hamilton out of danger
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Penalty points in F1 | Four drivers without points, Hamilton out of danger

03-10-2021 16:55 Last update: 03-10-2021 16:55

Lando Norris and Lance Stroll have collected the most penalty points in the last twelve months. Both drivers have eight points and are closely followed by Sergio Perez. The Red Bull Racing driver has so far accumulated seven points in the premier class of motor sport.

The stewards awarded no penalty points to four drivers in the last twelve months. Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly, Fernando Alonso and Mick Schumacher were not involved in any incidents or breaches of the sporting code.

So what exactly is the deal with penalty points? If a driver manages to collect twelve penalty points on his license in twelve months, he will automatically be suspended for the next Grand Prix. Norris and Stroll are the closest to this at the moment.

When do points expire?

Norris will lose three points on the Sunday of the Brazilian Grand Prix. The British McLaren driver is allowed to have a maximum of three points in 'three and a half' GP time. If it turns out to be four points, he will have to serve a rest period.

The day after the United States Grand Prix, three penalty points for Lance Stroll will disappear from his license. He will have to avoid too many penalties in Turkey and at the COTA circuit. Perez will not lose points again until April 18 of next season, so the Mexican may have to be most careful.

Max Verstappen had no penalty points until the Italian GP at Monza circuit, but his crash with Lewis Hamilton currently puts him on two points, as does the same Hamilton.

How many penalty points does each F1 driver have?

1. Stroll - 8 points
2 Norris - 8 points
3 Perez - 7 points
4 Vettel - 6 points
5 Mazepin - 6 points
6 Latifi - 6 points
7 Räikkönen - 4 points
8 Russell - 4 points
9 Tsunoda - 4 points
10 Bottas - 4 points
11 Giovinazzi - 3 points
12 Leclerc - 2 points
13 Hamilton - 2 points
14 Verstappen - 2 points
15 Sainz - 1 point
16 Ocon - 1 point

Gasly, Ricciardo, Alonso, Schumacher have no penalties to their name as of yet.

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