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Provisional calendar 2022: Imola uncertain, Saudi Arabia early in the season

Provisional calendar 2022: Imola uncertain, Saudi Arabia early in the season

18-09-2021 10:35 Last update: 19:09


The official 2022 Formula One calendar is still yet to be confirmed. The ongoing coronavirus crisis in the world seems to be causing F1 to need more time to come up with a final calendar. What seems to have been discussed at Monza, at least, is that Imola will get a place on the reserve list again.

No Imola in 2022 for the time being

According to the Italian branch of Motorsport.com the promoter of the Formula 1 Championship has made a list of 22 dates. On that list are all the Grands Prix that have a contract for the coming season and this one would have been discussed in Monza. The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is ​​not on it.

It would mean that in 2022 we would only travel to Italy once, for the Grand Prix at Monza that will be held on September 11. However Motorsport.com explained that Imola might return on the calendar of next season.

Because the coronavirus has caused some economic difficulties it seems that a number of races are questionable for next year. Especially the French Grand Prix is ​​mentioned. Imola is already in the first place to replace the French Grand Prix .

Other changes to the calendar

Further noticeable on the calendar is that Saudi Arabia has been moved to the beginning of the season as the second race of the year. Australia returns with China on the calendar and both have been given a place in April. The circus travels to the American continent at three different times: the new Miami Grand Prix would be held on May 8, Canada returns in June and the United States, Mexico and Brazil are held towards the end of the year.

The provisional calendar

March 20 - Bahrain
March 27 - Saudi Arabia
April 10 - Australia
April 17 - China
8 May - Miami
21 May - Spain
28 May - Monaco
12 June - Canada
19 June - Azerbaijan
3 July - Great Britain
17 July - France
24 July - Austria
31 July - Hungary
28 August - Belgium
4 September - Netherlands
11 September - Italy
25 September - Russia
9 October - Singapore
16 October - Japan
30 October - Mexico
6 November - United States
27 November - Brazil
5 December - Abu Dhabi

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